On any occasion - events, birthdays, meetings etc.

Traditional polish recipes are prepared entirely by hand with attention to details.

Please place your orders in advance. The menu will be agree with the client from our range of dishes.

Orders and delivery

Bearing in mind the health of our consumers and the latest GB government guidelines, we are introducing new rules for orders and deliveries.

Every week on Facebook, we'll be offering a different product - home-made dishes based on traditional recipes, without enhancers or preservatives. Sour Cabbage will be in offer as always.

From now on, orders will be collected through our website for a period of 4 days - from Monday to Friday. Ordered products will be delivered on Wednesday and Friday of the following week. Preferred payment - bank transfer / card.

First announcement today 23rd March 2020.

Please place orders on the website here. Please provide your address and telephone number. 
Orders minimum £ 15 + delivery fee according to the price list.
If the order is picked up in person - it can be less than £ 15.

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