Our pierogi are shaped into a semi-circle made of thinly rolled dough with various fillings. The number of fillings is countless and limited by your imagination alone. Our pierogi are filled with:

- mince chicken meat and veg

- fresh curd cheese, mashed potatoes, and fried onions

- sour cabbage and mushrooms


are made from a thin, rolled crepe-type pancake stuffed with meat, mushrooms, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, spinach or some combinations of those ingredients. They covered with breadcrumbs before lightly pan fried.

Bigos - Hunters Stew

Bigos is a Polish dish of finely chopped meat of various kinds stewed with sour cabbage and wild mushrooms.


Sour cabbage - prepared with shredded cabbage that is subjected to ensiled by salinity and fermentation. The subsequent layers of freshly shredded cabbage poured salt thereof, and then compacted, until surface is complete coverage by juice.

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