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We have delicious fermented cabbages*, to improve you health!  

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  • Cabbages 

       650g                                                     £6.00

* The sour cabbage products are produced every two weeks, so the delivery depends on availability.                                                             

  • We never use water, vinegar or heat in any of our products, or during the production of any of them. Vinegar and heat would simply kill off all beneficial good bacteria, water would simply dilute the nutritional benefit and the delicious taste. The acidic low pH flavour you experience when eating our Sauerkrauts comes from the naturally occurring Lactic Acid formed during the fermentation process, lending its name appropriately to the age-old process "Lactic Acid Fermentation".

  • The Fermentation Process is the natural chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms.

  • Fermented foods are good for us all and are best known as transporters of beneficial bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics. Our gut should ideally have a healthy population of beneficial probiotic bacteria and eating naturally fermented foods is the best way to replenish and help maintain that population. Good bacteria aid our overall digestion and elimination. Good bacteria are a natural internal cleanser and having a healthy population of gut bacteria helps you absorb the nutrients from all the other food you eat. Fermented foods are known to be rich in vitamin C, boosting your natural immunity to bugs and diseases as well as being delicious to eat! We believe good fermented foods are the most potent natural forms of medicine if eaten daily your body will be equipped to naturally ward off a vast array of illness and disease, without you even realising!

  • We like to give our products plenty of time to sit, ferment and develop a symphony of flavours and a full orchestra of beneficial bacteria. We test our ferments often throughout the fermentation period and package them only when they are good and ready. The fermentation period differs throughout the year depending on ambient temperatures.

  • All our products are natural, raw, gluten-free and vegan-friendly!